The Drill Press Cabinet/ Table is LIVE

Well, I finally finished the drill press table and cabinet build.  It took some quick thought on how tall I wanted it, what kind of storage, and would I mount the drill press to the top.

I decided on making it shorter (34″) than my normal 36″ shop heights because the old cabinet that I had been using was too tall to access everything on the press.

I chose to one large drawer and then two large storage cubbyholes for basic needs.  I didn’t want to go drawer crazy as I tend to fill them with clutter.

At the moment, the drill press is not bolted to the top but, don’t worry, I plan to mount it soon as I determine exactly how far forward or back I want it on the cabinet.  I like the idea of a little ledge on the table top to set things while working.

The clamping table has been an amazing improvement in repetitious drilling and consistent holes in batches.  Wish that I had done this sooner!

The Plans are available here on my site and the video is up on YouTube as I write this!


Thanks again for all of the support!