Headin to WorkbenchCon!

Well, it is finally here! WorkbenchCon week! I am super excited to be attending my first confernece where I can interact with peers and the companies that I have been talking to and observing for the last year. I have some classes that I want to attend, but overall, I want to just meet and network with the people that have inspired me and others in the community. I want to ask questions, pick brains, and just absorb the culture that will be present.

Another thing that is exciting is the fact that this event is sponsored and attended by some great companies such as Home Depot, Kreg Tools, Rockler Woodworking, and the list goes on! I hope to get some chair time with some of these companies and get to know more about how they work with makers and creators in the day to day. Hopefully some good relationships will come of this trip! Stay tuned for more!! Check out wwww.workbenchcon.com/