Gettin ready for 2019!

Hey there everyone! I am excited to get the ball rolling in this new year and to kick it off, I will be heading to Atlanta in Feb for the WorkbenchCon! There, I will get to shake the hands of some of my friends in the community and talk with some companies about future ideas and projects!

I will also be aiming at improving my YouTube content and project scope. I will also be adding more plans and cut lists to the website and we have some cool ideas planned for the furniture in the home and shop as well as some possible product builds!

Stay tuned for some cool stuff kickin off here soon!

Thank you all and keep building!

3 thoughts on “Gettin ready for 2019!

  1. Your projects are very inspiring. You make everything look so easy!

  2. love your projects. having a lil problem getting all parts of the plans. could just be the work computer. would like to build this router table.

    1. They were just approved. Try them again and let me know if you still need assistance. Thanks!

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