CReeves Makes The Ole Miss Baseball Bat Table (Epoxy Fail) ep026

After building the original baseball bat table for my father in law and posting the video here on YouTube, I received a lot of requests on if I would ever sell them. I decided to work with one customer and get the ball rolling on their table. Shortly after starting the project, they wanted to know if I would be able to put the “Ole Miss Baseball” logo on top of the table. We decided to route the top and fill it with color and then epoxy. The epoxy worked fine with the exception that my torch decided to flare up and seer the top of the table while I was using it to get rid of air bubbles. We agreed that I would build a second top, paint ir, and just use lacquer on it. In the end the table turned out great and the customer loved it. Whew! I need to get a better torch for epoxy…if I ever decide to do it again! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos! I have a router table build and I am trying to get a shop tour done! Happy Holidays! Email me at: for specific questions!