CReeves Makes DIY French Cleat Chisel Holder ep025

Hey Everyone! With the addition of the French Cleat Tool Wall in my shop, I have been continuing to make tool holders for some of my essential tools. I am leery of putting my chisels in drawers or laying them somewhere where they could get damaged or knocked to the floor, so I made a quick little holder for them. I used a scrap piece of hickory 3/4″ flooring. I cut it to 5″ long and marked out the chisel locations. Then using a Forstner bit and my table saw, I created the pockets to hold the chisels. I used a chamfer bit in my router to put a clean profile on the entire thing. Lastly, I coated it with a few coats of Deft semi-gloss spray finish. I will be adding another French Cleat wall over the winter and I will go into detail on the tool holders for that one. Stay tuned for more videos! SPOILER! Router Table anyone? Thanks for watching!